A Message From Our President – Rachel DeDomenico


I would like to begin by thanking the Chippewa Alliance for electing me to serve as your 2019 President. A special thank you to our out-going President, Justin Azzarella, for his years of leadership and dedication.


While 2019 marks four years for the Chippewa Alliance and it’s role in keeping this district safe, vibrant and growing, my history in the Chippewa area dates back a bit further. Take a walk down memory lane with me if you will. Close your eyes and see if you can remember The Coliseum Entertainment Complex, The Crocodile, and Utopia just to name a few…how far back does that take you? That’s how far back my memories of the neighborhood reach.


I’ve worked, played, and dined in the Chippewa District for 20+ years and like you – and all those establishments from the past – we all want to see the area continue to evolve by bringing businesses and the neighboring community together while ensuring our voices heard.


With the unique and diverse mix of businesses and residential options, along with education and community organizations – we have so much more potential! In our last meeting we talked about the opportunities available to the Alliance and how to bring them to fruition. These outcomes will require us to be engaged with our eye on the prize, and I will be front and center with my support and leadership as your President. Know that I am working hard to keep things moving and to capitalize on the opportunities that make support our mission.

I want to thank the Mayor, the Buffalo Police, the DPW, Buffalo Place, BUDC and those groups and individuals that have partnered with us in the past. Your support and dedication is necessary for the continued vitality of our district. I’ve already begun meetings with City officials including the Mayor to establish rapport and strengthen our current relationships with a goal of establishing new pathways for partnership in the future.


I look forward to working with all of you as new opportunities arise, knowing together we can making amazing things happen for our community!


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