New Concert Venue ELECTRIC CITY Comes to Pearl Street!

Next year, a new event space and concert venue is opening in Buffalo.

Electric City will have a capacity of at least 750 people, and the first concert is scheduled for the end of February.

“The Tralf is historic in Buffalo, and, you know, it’s been out of business since I believe 2019, so the idea obviously was to recreate it, bring new, kind of renovations into it, and new kind of artists into it that maybe haven’t played here before,” said Michele Riggi, Marketing Manager for Electric City.

Riggi says music fans can expect to find the lobby of Electric City on the first floor along with the box office, a bar, and a merch station with stairs and an elevator leading to the second floor.

“You walk in, and there’s a bar to your right, a bar to your left, and the stage is all the way at the other end of the venue of the space. It previously was on the back wall, now the windows to Main will be on the right hand side of the stage,” Riggi said.

Riggi says there will also be a VIP area and the space can be converted to host comedy events, weddings, and parties. The first show is set for February.

“We have James Kennedy coming February 23. That’s our first show that we’re launching. Beyond that, we have Echo and the Bunnymen, which is very close to selling out already just from the pre-sale, so we’re really excited to have them in town. We have Hippie Sabatoge. We have Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. Living Colour is going to be a great show, so really kind of hitting all of these different genres,” Riggi said.

Buffalo’s mayor is also looking forward to music returning to 433 Pearl Street.

“We’re pleased that downtown is growing and businesses like Electric City are choosing to locate in downtown Buffalo,” Mayor Byron Brown said.

“We’re right next to Shea’s. We have a bunch of other really amazing venues in the area and being just part of the Theater District and being on such an iconic street is, you know, a dream,” Riggi said.

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